Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Taxes With Examples

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A Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be a very powerful strategy for dealing with past due income taxes. A Chapter 7 can stop a tax garnishment, discharge older tax debt, and allow you to pay off newer taxes. A Chapter 7 will stop the IRS, the Oregon Department of Revenue (ODR), and/or any other state or local tax entity from garnishing your bank accounts and paychecks. The filing will stop a threatened tax lien from being recorded against your home and will stop threatening letters and phone calls for at least 90 days after the filing, and, in some cases, forever.

Bankruptcy: Before an Income Tax Lien

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The Advantages of Filing Bankruptcy BEFORE You Get Hit with an Income Tax Lien Adam M. Weiner Bankruptcy Layer, Attorney, Tax LienBankruptcy treats creditors with collateral much better than those without. This is especially true if one of your creditors is the IRS or the Oregon Department of Revenue. The difference is that with them YOU have some control about whether these taxing authorities have collateral or don’t.

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