Adam M. Weiner Bankruptcy Layer, Attorney, Portland, Oregon Locations

I know how busy we all are with our over-committed lives, so I’ve established three convenient locations to better serve you in the Portland, Oregon, Metro area..

Please feel free to contact me to schedule an initial consultation to find out if Bankruptcy is the correct choice for you.

If this is an emergency and you need to contact me immediately, please call (24/7):  503.719.5123

If you are not comfortable with your current debt load and are buried in debt, then you should schedule a consultation. There are numerous benefits to a consultation with me.

  1. You will never wait in a waiting room with other potential or actual bankruptcy clients. For obvious reasons; a bankruptcy filing and/or a potential bankruptcy filing is a private matter. Most recently, I am also conveniently located in Beaverton, which offers flexibility to those in the surrounding area.
  2. You will never meet with a legal assistant. Some bankruptcy lawyers have their legal assistants do a lot of the work on your case, including an initial intake. That will never happen with me for numerous reasons that I can explain to you when we meet.
  3. I am compassionate about your financial situation and I have the utmost empathy for what you’re going through. My reward is that I get to help you. This is why I decided to practice Bankruptcy Law during these trying economic times.

I take great pride in seeing the positive in everybody and trying to help individuals better their lives; it is very important to me that the service that I provide to my clients is exceptional.

Among other things, this includes promptly returning phone calls, emails and completing work in a timely and accurate fashion.