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Law Office of Adam M. Weiner | Bankruptcy Attorney | Reviews

Adam M. Weiner Bankruptcy Layer, Attorney, Reviews


Adam M. Weiner Bankruptcy Layer, Attorney, Debt Relief, Mortgage Redution

I am frequently humbled and rewarded from the comments of appreciation by my clients for the services that I have provided for them; after all, this is why I chose to be a practitioner of Bankruptcy Law.

Whether it’s advocating for you as a consumer debtor in Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 case, you have my promise to provide the best compassionate Bankruptcy Law Service for you. You can trust that I will never advise you to file either a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy if that is not in your best interest. I take my ethical duty to look out for the best interests of my clients and potential clients above anything else very seriously.

Helping people brings me great joy—as you will see for yourself and as you read these kind remarks from some of the clients that I’ve helped.

It is my promise to you to help guide you through this emotionally difficult bankruptcy process.




Usual reviews are only up to 5 stars, as his previous client, I give Attorney Adam Weiner an infinite stars. He is very professional and knowledgeable; knows his job well. He made my case fast and easy. Thank you Adam for giving me a second chance to start fresh. I highly recommend Attorney Adam Weiner. Thank you!

Liz R.

Mr. Weiner was the consummate professional in representing us in our Bankruptcy case and its successful conclusion. He patiently walked us through the process and the step- by-step requirements to fairly and thoroughly bring our case to closure. I would most heartily endorse Mr. Weiner for representation in any Bankruptcy case or other legal matters that he practices.

Bob W.

Adam was professional, kind and helpful throughout the whole process. As we know this process can be be very overwhelming and difficult at times but he really helped ease any worries or concerns. He was responsive in answering any questions, big or small, and didn’t make you feel silly or stupid. I would highly recommend him. Thank you again Adam! :)

Amy C.


When I decided to file for Bankruptcy I was so scared. But I have to say that calling Adam was one of the best decisions I have ever made. He made the process as painless as possible. He actually cares about his clients and is with me throughout the entire process. He answers all my questions with patience and understanding. I like to give him five star and if I could give him more stars I

The day of court I was so nervous, he reminded me that what I'm feeling is normal and it will pass. Everything started and ended within 10 minutes. He made the entire process very simple. I can't believe it's all behind me now. His fees are very affordable and he goes above and beyond to make sure that I have a clear understanding of things and that I can go home after meeting with him and sleep worry-free. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family who are looking to file bankruptcy.

Andy S.

Feel truly blessed to have met Adam. He guided me through my tax issue and helped me realize that I could get rid of a lot of the weight on my shoulders. Adam made the process extremely easy and comfortable. Another BK attorney I had consulted with made me feel horrible for filing bankruptcy. Adam sat on the phone with the IRS for over an hour and charged me nothing. He was very professional and I would recommend anyone who is considering or thinking of filing a BK to at least call Adam to discuss. 100% a very professional and helpful person

Michael H.

Adam was great!  As a single mom trying to get back on my feet financially, I was nervous about filing and had no clue how bankruptcy worked. Adam was honest and patient and he made sure I understood what was going on every step of the way. From day one there was no pressure. He just kept me informed and let me make decisions about how I wanted to proceed with my case. I knew what to expect and everything went smoothly. I would highly recommend Adam Weiner to anyone searching for a bankruptcy attorney.

Tara C.

Adam you are a genuinely kind, knowledgeable, dedicated, intelligent, and energetic person and professional. Thank you for being fully committed to providing me with the incredible skill and expertise necessary to meet all of my Chapter 7 needs. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to consult with me regarding my options and putting me in the very best place to fit my financial needs. Thank you for ensuring that my assets remained protected and dealing with all of my creditors from the moment you became my attorney. Thank you for treating me with respect and understanding the challenges I faced. You made the journey better!

Bankruptcy is a serious legal matter and I sincerely thank you for helping me get a fresh start. You are extremely organized and you gave your all to make sure I had everything I needed to prepare me for this challenge and my bright future. Your excellent grasp on the chapters helped me make the best choice for my family. Your excellent interpersonal skills and easy going communication style made this the best experience I could have given my circumstances. I am truly thankful for what you did for my family and I know there are a lot more people out there who feel as I do about your knowledge, skills, leadership, and guidance. I wish you the very best and thanks again for helping me enhance and change my life for the better!!!

Jorge P.

Steve and I are very happy with not so much weight on our shoulders now. You were very helpful and informative with everything and made it such an easy process.

Anna and Steve P.

I received an Oregon Bar Association referral to Adam Weiner.  I was extremely nervous prior to our meeting, but Adam’s friendliness and understanding manner put me at ease right away.  There were several complicating factors in my case that concerned me, but Adam’s thorough knowledge of bankruptcy law enabled him to capably deal with them.  Owing to Adam’s skill as a bankruptcy attorney and his extensive experience handling such cases, the process went very smoothly for me and my case was adjudicated without a hitch.  At every turn he offered reassurance to put my anxieties to rest, and he provided me with wise counsel as to how I may begin to rebuild a positive credit profile.  I know people make a lot of jokes about attorneys, but Adam Weiner operates with the highest standards of integrity and with an ever-present consideration for the difficult emotions that people experience when filing for bankruptcy. If you’re facing bankruptcy, I strongly encourage you to meet with Portland bankruptcy attorney, Adam Weiner.

Lesley L.

I started looking for a lawyer after the sobering reality that after a divorce, loss of my business, and looming foreclosure on my home, bankruptcy was my only option to get back on my feet. I first chose a large bankruptcy firm in Portland.  After a half hour meeting at their office, I literally sat in my car and cried, overwhelmed with the cost and process, not to mention I felt like I had just been hurried through an impersonal meeting about a very personal matter.  The next day I started calling smaller bankruptcy firms, and Adam was the first one to call me back—personally.

At our first meeting, after I explained my somewhat complicated financial issues, Adam took the time to explain the best options and recommendations for my case.  He kept in contact with me through the filing process, and when my hearing date finally arrived, he was there by my side reassuring me that we were prepared and that everything would go smoothly.  As I sat in the crowd waiting for my hearing, I was able to listen to 5 or 6 cases before mine.  Every one of them was represented by the “other” firm.  I painfully watched as each of them stumbled over the questions asked by the Trustee.  They all seemed to be unprepared.  Adam was able to tell me nearly every question the Trustee would ask me, so I was completely prepared.  My case was finalized within ten minutes, just like he said.  I am so grateful that Adam was so thorough in researching my case. I could have never handled getting through that hearing being unprepared because it was also a very emotional, humbling experience.  This is a situation you definitely don’t want to be caught off guard.

I highly recommend Adam Weiner to handle any bankruptcy case, no matter how simple or complicated.

Missi H.

Adam Weiner, Portland bankruptcy attorney, thoroughly took into account every aspect of my situation and then methodically dove into the mechanics of bankruptcy and concluded that bankruptcy was not my best option.  Over the course of our lengthy conversations, Adam had every opportunity to have me as a client but instead of being concerned about a retainer fee, he cared about me and my family.  Adam is a very honest attorney whose approach to bankruptcy really separates him from the pack because it is anything but “cookie cutter”.  Yes, Adam could have had me for a client…now.  But instead he has me as a fan who wants to tell everyone considering bankruptcy to contact him.

Kevin W.

Dear Adam,
I just wanted to tell you how very much I appreciated your expertise and professional guidance and knowledge of the law in helping me to file my case. Chapter 7 bankruptcy was not an easy decision for me and it is a very humbling place to be. There were clearly no other options for me. I was so lucky to have found you and wanted to say thank you for your assistance in this matter. You made an uncomfortable situation for me better with your calm and professional demeanor. I would recommend you to anyone. I also really appreciate that you were kind. This has been such a tough time with my son’s accident. I have thanked my son’s attorney that referred you to me. Please feel free to use me as reference for any prospective clients as I know that you will be able to give them the best legal assistance available.

With much appreciation,
Kathleen B.

I had a very positive experience working with Adam Weiner during a stressful time in my life. He was able to clearly explain all of my options and I felt very well prepared when I finally decided to file Chapter 7. Adam did not put any pressure or added stress on my plate and he has a very calming presence which was the exact kind of help I needed. He always responded to my questions quickly and handled my case with true professionalism. I would recommend his services to my friends and family if they ever needed this kind of legal advice.

Nora L.

If you’re looking for an attorney to handle your bankruptcy filing, I highly recommend Adam Weiner. From the start, he explained the process in great detail each step of the way, and he made sure I felt comfortable with all of the choices I made. As a result, my case went smoothly with no surprises or problems. Adam is prompt, thorough, and highly professional.

Chris S.

Before contacting your office my wife and I spent months worrying how we were going to survive financially. All of our lives we did the “right thing” and, just as I retired, everything fell apart. The bills kept piling up with no way to get out from under them. We were so depressed and ashamed.

After meeting with you we felt you were able to REALLY help us take care of things. And you did. You are professional, kind, and non-judgmental. We needed that.

Everything went just as you explained. We are now out of debt and no longer feel bad about ourselves.

Thank you again for all your help.

Steve and Karmen

After having a business fail, I had no other option except for filing bankruptcy.  This was a very stressful time for my wife and me.  Adam was very helpful and answered all of our questions and concerns.  He really helped make this process less stressful for us. I would refer him to anyone facing a bankruptcy.

Matthew Z.

Having never really gone through anything like a bankruptcy before, it meant a great deal to me to be able to connect with someone like Adam.  The meetings were very straightforward and easy to understand.  Discussions about the best ways to proceed that would protect me financially were always conducted in a peaceful environment, far away from stress of any kind.  His style of practice resonates a great deal with me and is definitely something I would recommend to people seeking excellent representation.

Beau R.

I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to have attorney Adam Weiner on my side when I filed chapter 7 bankruptcy.  He is friendly, caring and understanding.  He took my case and got it moving right away.  He explained things in my language, and because of this, I was able to make the best decision.  It was awesome to have such a GREAT attorney in my time of need.  I would highly recommend Adam to anyone looking to file bankruptcy in need of an attorney.

Thank you so much for the hard work you do!


Having to make the decision to file bankruptcy was not easy, but Adam really made the entire process a simple and painless one.  Adam was there with us each and every step of the way and made sure to explain everything to us so we understood what was happening and why.  If you are looking for a top notch attorney to get you back on track Adam is your guy.


Adam worked with me during a very tough period of my life – the decision to declare Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  What impressed me most were his direct honest communications and his quick responses to my emails and phone calls.  He was courteous throughout the process, kept me in the loop as things progressed, gave clear easily-understandable direction on every step that needed to be completed and even helped me by paying my court costs allowing me to repay him a couple weeks after filing.  He was also flexible with his office hours, accommodating my schedule.  I would definitely recommend him to any of my friends who have need of a reliable bankruptcy attorney.


Adam has been very helpful and knowledgeable with my Chapter 13 filing and case management.  After talking with 5 different bankruptcy attorneys I decided to go with Adam.  I was down to the wire in a foreclosure process 2 years ago and Adam was very thorough, detailed oriented and patient while walking me through the process and got everything filed on time.  Additionally, his fees were very reasonable.  He has been very helpful over the last 2 years in communicating paperwork needs and working with the courts.  I have always felt confident that he will handle any issue that comes up.  I will complete my Ch.13 in a little over year, and I have no doubt that Adam will complete my final paperwork with the courts in the same efficient manner that he began the process.


Hi Adam,

I want to thank you for taking care of my bankruptcy. I was very happy with the way you handled everything so professionally, but also took the time to answer the many questions I had, guided me through the process with ease and caring. You made the whole process seem so easy, and I truly appreciated it!

Ann S.

Thank you Adam for everything. I was a nervous wreck as I was about to get wages garnished and had no clue what to do. I called Adam and he just made the process so smooth. He made me feel comfortable and helped through the anxiety of court, was quick at answering emails and overall easy to work with. I had many questions and he was very patient and answered them. I appreciate Adam for everything. I highly recommend him!!!!!

C. Phillips

Adam handled my bankruptcy case with both expertise and kindness. He handled every step, from our initial meeting, to the trustee hearing, with skill and compassion. He is extremely knowledgeable in bankruptcy matters and was very quick to act or respond as needed throughout my case. Adam is professional and personable at once. I highly recommend his services to all that are seeking bankruptcy counseling and/or representation. Thank you Adam!
T. Dunn

Adam Weiner was amazing in helping me understand and get through my bankruptcy. I had previously hired another lawyer, who I found out was scamming me, and they wouldn’t answer any of my questions. I called around to a few places, and Adam gave me a free phone consultation. I felt extremely comfortable and at ease just from our phone conversation. He also informed me that they conned me into filing the wrong type of bankruptcy for my situation, as they saw they could get more money (that I didn’t have) from me by not having my best interest in mind. Adam explained everything very clearly to me and made me understand what I was doing and everything that was happening, and what was expected of me. The process was easy and stress free and I am now able to move on with my life without being out a ton of more money! He is quick to respond and will break down any questions you are uncertain about. He even referred me to some places that can help me get a car loan with a bankruptcy on my credit, and offered suggestions and options of how to handle certain difficult decisions that arose from my bankruptcy. I never once felt unhappy, unsure or unclear on anything. I had no reservations whatsoever in firing my first attorney and having Adam take care of this stressful situation in my life. Adam is a wonderful and caring attorney, and he really cares about his clients’ best interests. I would definitely recommend him for all of your bankruptcy needs.

Kathryn K.

Adam was very compassionate in dealing with my bankruptcy case. He was very quick in responding to my questions and made the process very easy to understand and painless. Adam went over all my options during my free consultation and helped me make decisions I felt good about. Other lawyers I looked at tried to sell me packages of different things or were a scam. At no time did Adam try to get me to do anything but what his service provided. He also allows different payments plans, many lawyers I looked at required all the money upfront. And if you are filing for bankruptcy that is often not able to be done.

Mary P.

When I decided to file, I did a search for the best bankruptcy attorney in Portland. Adam’s name came up and after working with him on this case, I can completely understand why. Super nice guy that knows exactly what he’s doing. Adam’s professionalism, expertise and helpful attitude are very, very much appreciated. I highly recommend Adam!

Nico P.

The decision to file bankruptcy was a difficult one to make and, initially, I knew next to nothing about the process. Choosing a lawyer was also a daunting task; the last thing I wanted was a pompous, cold, impatient jerk. I am so glad I chose to work with Adam; he is professional, kind, incredibly knowledgable and has a very calm demeanor. He answered every one of my questions with patience and ease. It was clear he cares about his clients and this helped tremendously with my anxiety during the process. He also offers very solid advice and guidance about how to proceed after bankruptcy and rebuild credit. Ultimately, filing for bankruptcy was a positive experience (who knew that could actually be the case?!) and a big part of that was due to working with Adam.

Alison H.

Adam was great to work with when filing my bankruptcy. He answered all my questions and made the whole process quite painless. I would highly recommend Adam for anyone in need an excellent bankruptcy lawyer. Thank you!

Brian C.

Adam helped me out big time. I had a ton of medical debt and hated the idea of filing bankruptcy but he made the process easy and painless. Was about to have my wages garnished for a medical bill and he helped stop that and get everything cleared up. Always thought that it was a long hard difficult process, and maybe without a good attorney it is but with his help it was easy and I’m now rebuilding my credit and better off than I have been in over a decade. Thanks Adam!

Benjamin W.

In a very difficult time in my life, Adam helped me through the entire process of bankruptcy. He was there in the beginning to patiently help me understand what my options were, and what the whole process would entail.

I’m not the most organized when it comes to paperwork so it took me many months gather everything, and multiple meetings with Adam to get all the information he needed. Adam always had time for me and was never rushed while we were meeting.
Everything went exactly as Adam said it would; no additional fees, and my debts have been discharged.
Now that I’m through the bankruptcy I can afford to make my house payment and truck payment, and save a little for the future.
Thank you Adam for helping me through it all.

Tom K.

When I decided to file for bankruptcy I had no clue where to start. I did a Google search and saw that Adam had high ratings on Yelp so I decided to meet with him. I am so thankful that I did so – he made the entire process extremely painless and never made me feel shameful for making the decision to file. Whenever I emailed him with questions he got back to me within a day and was very flexible about scheduling times to meet.

I knew that my choice to have Adam represent me was a great one when I was sitting in the waiting room before my trustee hearing. The woman next to me said that her attorney never returned her calls and she was worried that she wouldn’t even show up for the hearing. As Adam came walking through the door I realized that I had really lucked out because I could have just as easily ended up like her if I had made a different choice.
Bottom line – if you are like I was and have no clue where to start with this whole process then give Adam a call.

Geneva R.

I have to say that I am extremely impressed with Adam Weiner. I have worked with high-level professionals for many years and Adam is certainly on that level.  No one wants to file for bankruptcy, but sometimes life happens and you have to do what you have to do. I had originally spoken with him about the possibility of filing for bankruptcy a few years ago, though had decided to hold-off at that time. However I also knew based upon Adam’s personable, positive approach that if I decided to file in the future that I would definitely go back to him. This year I realized that there was no way for me to avoid filing and so I got back in touch with Adam. Though it had been a couple years since he and I had spoken, Adam remembered me, was understanding and non-judgmental of my situation, straight-forward, good humored, and ready to just pick-up where we had left-off.

I recommend Adam Weiner wholeheartedly.

Eric G.

We were happy to hear that today our case is officially closed. I want to thank you for all your help and support during this time. You have made this a very low stress experience. We greatly appreciated you and staff. We hope you are doing well also.
David C. & Dalene P.

During an extremely distressing and embarrassing time in our lives, my husband and I turned to Adam for help. He was soothing and knowledgeable, and guided us with expertise through the complex bankruptcy process. He also took over the calls from the creditors who had been harassing us (some even illegally), which was an immense relief. At the time of our hearing we saw some unrepresented people trying to navigate these difficult waters without assistance, which only increased how lucky we felt to have Adam on our side. We would highly recommend Adam to anyone seeking an attorney who will be understanding and friendly, but also able to take on creditors and work efficiently with the court system. Thank you Adam!

John and Andrea M.

Since working with Adam, our credit scores have already improved by 90 points. We found him by going through these reviews and we must say, our experience has been the same. We were hesitant to enlist help and finally decided to with Adam. He has never made us feel like we were being judged and has been compassionate and understanding throughout the entire time we’ve been in contact. He’s very nice, and has taken the time to explain everything to us and has truly made us feel that he has our backs. We were anxious about working and having the help of an attorney for our financial concerns and do not regret our experience one bit.

My husband and I highly recommend Adam based on not only what he does professionally, but because of his personable and efficient qualities!

Alyssa and Steve L.

Adam made this whole process go very smoothly. I felt very comfortable with his ability and knowledge of the bankruptcy law. I am so glad I found him and obtained his expertise. Additionally, he has a great sense of humor, a compassionate persona and a caring heart.

All of this put together in one great Attorney.

I highly recommend him if you need to file for bankruptcy.

Laurel W.

I hold Adam in very high regards. I had the experience of working with Adam and he literally took me under his wing. Unlike other lawyers I have had in the past Adam was not about the money, he was about justice and equity. Adam is very compassionate. I can attest to his integrity as a professional and as a human being. He demonstrated that he treats people with equity and has the capacity to work with people of different ethnicity. I would recommend Adam to anybody who is experiencing a crisis. I deeply appreciate his help. His actions speak of a trustworthy human being.

Liliana B.

Adam handled my chapter 7 with great care and was very professional. He understood how traumatic it can be to have to resort to bankruptcy and kept me both calm & informed during the entire process. Absolutely the best rates I’ve seen with bankruptcy law in and around the Portland area. Facing debt so big you fear there is no way out was so overwhelming, I could not have gone through with this solution without him. He was also very understanding when on several occasions I had to bring my infant with me. Thank you to Mr. Weiner!

Nichole D.


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